Thursday, June 30, 2011

ready, set, go!

phew! what a hectic week and a half! we moved over the weekend so all last week was spent packing, and this week has been unpacking and organizing the new farmhouse! buh bye old school apartment, hello home :)
ahh a yard! and the hammock mike got for us! LOVING the new place! but i kind of forgot how much work it is to move. and how much it messes with my schedule! it led to a lot of unplanned, and repetitive meals. i think i made this salad for lunch three days in a row. but it was SO good!
romaine. chicken breast. strawberries. sunflower seeds. raspberry vinaigarette. yum!

i think one of the hardest things for me trying to live a healthier lifestyle is my weekend habits. i just seem to lose all self control and pig out. like last weekend for instance, while moving saturday and sunday, it was go, go, go. my meals pretty much consisted of pizza hut pizza and taco dip. and brownies. yea. thanks mom! im not gonna lie, it was delicious, but let me tell you how sluggish and bloated i felt come monday. ew! i had monday off of work to do some more unpacking and organizing and ate much better then. got a good work out in that evening, and tuesday morning i was all refreshed and ready to get back on track with my eating!

i had an extremely boring lunch after a thirty minute walk, but couldnt believe the energy i had afterwards. amazing what some greens and protein and a nice walk outside of the office can do!

i seem to get so lost when my routine is broken. i am a planner. when things dont go as planned, i get flustered! but something i am terrible at planning is my meals. this is a goal of mine in the next month of this paleo challenge. i am starting to get bored with my meals because they are getting  pretty repetitive.

eggs for breakfast.

fruit for a snack.

salad for lunch.
spinach. chicken. quac.

meat and veggies for dinner.
that's beer butt chicken my friends! thanks dad!

i need to take the time and do more research on the paleo lifestyle and start making some recipes. the first thirty days i basically followed, with some exceptions, a list of paleo foods, and combined them to make a meal. i didnt actually cook or bake with them. and in order to make this happen i am going to try and switch up my workout routine a bit also. starting at about 5:15am! eek!! but i am hoping that by waking up earlier a couple days a week to workout will leave me with my evenings open-so that i can come home after work, prepare a meal, ENJOY it, and still have time to relax before hitting my pillow. right now, its wake up, work, workout, eat, dishes, bed.

best of luck to the rest of the crossfitters on the sixty day paleo challenge! please share any good recipes you have tried--i think i have the motivation i need to get through the next thirty and then some! of course i will have slip ups because sorry to say, but i am not going to NOT eat another piece of bread in my life, or cake, or chocolate milk, or taco dip. its just not going to happen. but i will say that i am learning what i need to eat more of and what i need to cut back on and am definately noticing changes in the way i am feeling.

hope everyone has a great fourth of july weekend. i am headed down to lake geneva with some friends for a fun filled weekend on the water! gonna be a hot one :) see ya next week. hopefully i will start to have some more exciting posts if i get this cooking thing down! oh, and we can have a grill at our new place now. YES!


  1. What was that boring lunch on spinach? I can't tell....LOL

  2. lol...leftover hamburger patties from the bank cookout. desperate? maybe.