Thursday, June 16, 2011

finding motivation.

believe it or not, i have had a few friends asking me where i am finding my motivation. good question. me? advice? what? i honestly find that its a struggle for me to stay motivated. i can finally say i have gotten to a turning point in my life where i want health and fitness to be a part of my life. now, im not saying that this will happen to everyone, but its like i hit a wall and kind of got over the "partying" stage. dont get me wrong, i still like to have a good time, but just dont see the need to go out and drink and get wild five nights out of the week. maybe i'm just getting old. my hangovers last an entire day. i eat everything i shouldnt. and just plain old feel like crap. for some reason i just dont find that fun anymore? weird, i know. call me lame.

but whatever. i have found something that makes me happy. and thats how i stay motivated. i have struggled with confidence issues my entire life. and to this day, i still do. its a work in progress, but i have finally found a passion for exercise, living a health(ier) lifestyle and i actually look forward to a good workout! it clears my mind. i can let out any anger or frustrations. and it gets my a$$ moving after an eight hour day in front of a computer. (yuck!)  it just makes me feel good! :)

some days i am more moitivated that others. i find that my eating and exercise habits go hand in hand. some people can exercise and eat pizza every day, some can eat healthy every day and not exercise a day in their life, but for me its all or nothing. the more thought i put into my meals to make them healthy and balanced, the more motivated i am to hit the gym. or vise versa. once i get in a good workout, i am much more likely to make myself a healthy meal or snack. why would you want to ruin a good thing? i have a hard time busting my butt at the gym and then diving into a mcdonalds big mac and large order of fries. its a guilty feeling. like all that hard work just went down the drain.

you have to have the right mindset. either you're ready to make a change in your life or not.
the best advice i have gotten, and will give right back, is DONT GIVE UP!
set a goal and stick to it. its up to you, and only you, to achieve it!

check out a fellow CrossFitter, Sara's blog for some motivation as well!

here are some of my eats from yesterday and today:
hard boiled eggs. make 'em black. white. and black again :)

fresh fruit.
green stuff. orange stuff. more green stuff. sunflower seeds.

chicken breast. onions. mushrooms. guac.
i have an obsession with guac right now. i even made it myself. first time ever!
its awesome.

im starting to miss cheese. and pasta. and oatmeal. and yogurt. and chocolate milk. and ice cream. and, did i mention cheese? tear.
but. so far i am staying strong. i had my slip ups last weekend. and am pretty sure there are more to come this weekend. c'mon...its summer! i am trying really hard to nail the paleo lifestyle during the week but am finding that in MY real life, committing 100% to this lifestyle is nearly impossible. sure, it could be done and i am understanding why certain foods are cut out on this "diet" but in reality, i would have to eat a modified paleo diet. not that thats a bad thing either! i really am feeling good eating these paleo foods and am learning that it really isnt necessary to eat a half loaf of bread with your hamburger. 

live and learn. 


  1. I am so proud of you Janel and I find you're post inspiring. I'm trying to find a balance in my own lifestyle for good eating and a happy body.

  2. Janel, I am proud of you. I think you are a beautiful girl and have a good head on your shoulders. I think partying less and eating better is a good thing. I have lost 25 pounds since moving to Maui. I eat so much healier and we drink not even close to what we did in WI. I am addicted to a protien smoothie that is made with avacados, collard greens, hemp seeds, & fruit. Yummmy! My lunch everyday when at work. I have a health food resturant next door to my salon. No Keg burgers in my tummy! LOL

  3. Thanks for the shout out! You're doing great :)