Monday, July 11, 2011

killer monday.

or monday killer? yea. thats more like it.
oh monday, how i despise you. especially when i find out this is how my day is going to start:
"EVA" 5 rounds for time
800 meter run
20 kettelbell swings (35#)
20 pull ups (jumping)

completed in 32:06--ouch! now that's a 6:00am wake up call :)

rushed home to get ready for work, made a quick breakfast of veggies and scrambled egg whites, gathered leftovers from last nights dinner for lunch, and flew out the door.

i hate being rushed. but such is life. i dont think it will ever change.

but it felt so nice come 5:00pm when i was off the clock to know that i could go home and had the rest of the evening to do whatever i want. i hope i can stick to these early morning workouts as much as my schedule allows for it. my work schedule is inconsistent, so i am going to do the best i can!

i never tried salmon until a couple of months ago and man, was i missing out! this stuff is go-ood!
dinner is served!
with a side of asparagus.

i bought a bag of individually wrapped salmon filets. just defrost, microwave, bake, or grill.
so quick and easy! tonight i baked the filets in about 20 minutes. easy peasy! but they're goin on the grill next time! the asparagus i prepared in a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

some other eats this past week that are worth sharing:
veggie kabobs: green and red pepper. mushrooms. red onion. olive oil. and some seasonings.
and pork chops on the grill. so good! thanks to my master griller boyfriend :)

earlier last week i took my sister taryn out for lunch for her birthday!
she went for the burrito as big as your head-as i normally would too!
but i opted for a "salad" as they call it which consisted of romaine lettuce, chicken, fajita veggies, salsa, and guac. this was surprisingly fantastic! i usually go for the burrito bowl-in which i then have rice, black beans, and cheese. but i honeslty couldnt believe how much i actually enjoyed my salad without those "non-paleo" additions. i dare ya to try it ;)

well my bed is calling my name. another early morning workout coming my way!

i've got a good little recipe to finally share with you tomorrow!

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  1. I would eat that again!!! (if you do the buying)!