Friday, June 10, 2011

bacon!? i'm in!

after running some errands last night i had a hard time deciding what i wanted for dinner. but i was starving, so it needed to be something quick! bacon and veggies it was. protein. fat. veggies. fruit. CHECK!
that's a paleo, GO!
it was good! but i was hungry about an hour what did i do? i went to bed :) had to get my in my 8 hours of sleep as part of this 60 challenge also. then i woke up early this morning to catch the 6am CrossFit class.

handstands and cartwheels today...hah! sometimes i think they incorporate these things just for a good laugh. just like the day they told me i had to do a somersault.....

needless to say, breakfast was eaten on the fly, and in shifts this morning since i had about 30 minutes to get myself ready before having to leave for work.
unsweetened chocolate almond milk. leftover bacon. a hard boiled egg. and a peach.
quite the combination, i know. but hey, it did the trick!

look what i was tempted by as i walked through the kitchen at work today.
too many birthdays in this place this week!! ah!
dirt cups! i love these things!
but you all should know, i did NOT eat one. dang it.
that's will power my friends :)

i had to run a few more errands during my lunch today for a special someone's birthday tomorrow. which left me having to inhale my lunch when i got back.
cleaning up leftovers from the week!
steak. bacon. asparagus. mushrooms. onions. carrots. cauliflower. yep!
that doesnt look very appetizing does it? whatever. i thought it tasted good.

we're going to to dinner tonight at a restaurant on lake wisconsin for my boyfriend and his twin sister's birthdays! first time eating out on the paleo challenge-let's see how i do :)

can i pleaseeeee have a cocktail!?

or maybe i should hold off until tomorrow? i bought mike tickets to the kenny chesney & zac brown band concert at lambeau field tomorrow. i am not a huge country music fan, but i love any music thats live so i am super excited! and we are going with some really good friends, so there is no doubt in my mind that were going to have a blast!

hope everyone has a great weekend!

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